3S-IoT Parcel Cabinet

3S IoT is committed to improving public life experience, making your life more convenient and secure. Our recent project is to provide the service of the apartment parcel cabinet. As you may know, more than 80% of the Dutch are shopping online. Meanwhile, there are many people who cannot waiting at home during the daytime because of work or something else, which makes the delivery of the ordered packages difficult.

To prevent delays and nuisance to neighbours, 3S IoT parcel cabinet project is started to solve these problems. Additionally, a parcel cabinet placed at the entrance of apartment can also lower non-residents entering times, which makes apartment environment safer. You can learn more details below.

Get in touch! 3s.iot.nl@gmail.com

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3S-IoT is still in the startup phase, so some information is not complete yet, our apologies for the inconvenience. For questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch! 3s.iot.nl@gmail.com

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